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The Spiral

The  Spiral is a real world way to access the Between, through collaborative explorations, a concept first conceived of in The Emperor Has a Body: Body Politics in the Between. The Spiral was co-authored by eight women specializing in different arenas and was co-edited by Elise Peeples and Constance Hester. 

Arcs in The Spiral include:

        • Visual Art
        • Improvisation
        • Dreams
        • Habitat
        • Writing
        • Music
        • Movement
from a chard of pottery found in New Mexico near Chaco Canyon

Art Between Us, a non-profit was established in 2001.

Our mission is to teach and produce collaborative art in order to stimulate the creativity in all people and to dissolve isolation in our human family.


We believe that through collaborative art, people can access both individual and collective creativity and find the key to community building, conflict resolution and the creation of sustainable futures.

ART    BETWEEN    US    teaches collaboration skills in experiential workshops and public events. 

Designed for all ages, ethnicities, classes, religions, abilities & sizes, our programs:

    • Foster environments of harmony
    • Enliven relationships
    • Melt blocks to creative solutions
    • Reclaim abilities to work together
    • Teach non-linear communication
    • Collaborate with the natural world
    • Tap into deeper sources of wisdom