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Strands, a Novel

strands cover

STRANDS (Eshu House Publishing; On Sale January, 2010; Softcover; $15.00) by S. Elise Peeples, P. O. Box 162, Berkeley, CA 94701,

From S. Elise Peeples, author of The Emperor Has a Body, comes the unforgettable story of a seventy-year-old minister’s wife whose life is forever changed by attending a weaving workshop in Ireland where the stories of her mother and grandmother come to her on the wind and the rain.

Anyone who thinks they are washed up at 50, 60, 70… can take inspiration from Emma who at age 70 takes a journey to rediscover lost strands of her identity.

Emma shows us how to live an imaginative life, opening portals to a magical existence and giving us a primer on how to take one step at a time on one’s path.

Take a journey with Emma as she negotiates blurred boundaries between life and death, nature and humans, real and imaginary, normal and crazy, inner and outer.

“Am I the Dealer or the Dealt?” wonders 70-year-old Emma, as she recalls herself at age six when she was taken from her biological mother and adopted by strangers. Because Emma’s life has been a series of compromises for the sake of emotional security, she has no idea who she is or how to answer such questions. A chance invitation to a Peace Weaver’s workshop in Ireland enables her to uncover and bring together long-lost strands of her identity.

This is a multi-layered story of four generations of women, their conflicts, secrets and healing. While it is a story of particular women, it is also the story of Women.