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Strands, a Novel

Anyone who thinks they are washed up at 50, 60, 70… can take inspiration from Emma who at age 70 takes a journey to rediscover lost strands of her identity.

Emma shows us how to live an imaginative life, opening portals to a magical existence and giving us a primer on how to take one step at a time on one’s path.

Take a journey with Emma as she negotiates blurred boundaries between life and death, nature and humans, real and imaginary, normal and crazy, inner and outer.

“Am I the Dealer or the Dealt?” wonders 70-year-old Emma, as she recalls herself at age six when she was taken from her biological mother and adopted by strangers. Because Emma’s life has been a series of compromises for the sake of emotional security, she has no idea who she is or how to answer such questions. A chance invitation to a Peace Weaver’s workshop in Ireland enables her to uncover and bring together long-lost strands of her identity.

This is a multi-layered story of four generations of women, their conflicts, secrets and healing. While it is a story of particular women, it is also the story of Women.