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S. Elise Peeples, Author

Mission statement

I am Elise,

a mosaic of memory,

flashes of light through

broken places, and collaborations

like murmurations of birds

launching themselves on the breath,

held together by the unbroken, infinite, low, and

indistinct drone of unconditional love.

Elise Peeples,  philosopher, authored:

  • Book of Philosophy called The Emperor Has a Body: Body Politics in the Between (1998)
  • co-edited with Constance Hester¬†The Spiral: A Workbook (2000)
  • a novel called Strands (2010)
  • a memoir called When Things Happen to People: the Field Beyond Good and Bad (2010)
  • The Speed of Love (a love poem)
  • High Haiku (Poems for sister Sue’s 60th)
  • 2020 Haiku a day
strands cover
strands cover
strands cover
strands cover
cover of speed of love